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Eddie Rocket's On Wheels

This purpose built catering unit is a mobile version of the classic Eddie Rocket's Fifties diner. The On Wheels menu has the same high quality food as the City Diner, but is simplified to cater for the largest of crowds.

Eddie Rocket's on Wheels units are high impact, visually appealing, mobile versions of the famous City Diners.

The unit features custom signage, LED lighting and digital menu boards, all in keeping with the classic chrome and red fittings inspired by the famous City Diner.


Sample Menu
Homemade Hamburgers
Hot Dogs
3 Way Chilli
The Shake Shop

The Eddie Rocket's 'Shake Shop' on wheels takes chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits, fruit, and more and blends them with ice cream made to create the perfect customised milkshake!

The Shake Shop menu includes freshly prepared milkshakes as well as foot-long Eddie Rockets Hotdogs :

  • Fresh Fruit Milkshakes
  • Retro Classic Milkshakes
  • Footlong Chilli Dogs
  • Footlong Cheese Dogs
On Wheels mobile units are perfect for catering for outdoor events such as:
Major Sporting Events
City Tourist Attractions
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Shake Shop mobile catering unit
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